The Tumbleweed Art Co.

The Tumbleweed Art Co. is a mobile art gallery based in Joshua Tree, CA.

What is this gallery thing and who started it?

The Tumbleweed Art Co. is us: artist Kat Green and illustrator/photographer/RV-driving husband Bill, making our way here in Joshua Tree.

What started out as a crazy idea to feature small art works by local, regional and national artists on the road became a reality after we fell in love with a vintage '72 Winnebago Chieftain we saw on Craigslist.

Rough & tumble just like us, it was coming home with us one way or the other.

The idea behind it all is to feature small art works for sale as a great way for people to buy cool art they might want, but maybe they can't always afford bigger pieces by an artist. Our first show in the RV was one Kat had previously created called Exquisite Corpse. We’ve also done performance art in it as well as interactive projects and The Worst 3D Experience in the Desert. (No, it was, trust us.)

The RV is customizable and ready to roll out for any event from Palm Springs to the Morongo Valley Basin. Hit us up if you want to know more or work on a show together.